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Monday, February 21, 2011


Bangsar, an exclusive residential area sandwiched between KL and PJ. Nestled closed to most amenities around the city and businesses just off the federal highway and nearby commercial offices at Damansara heights. This area have grown by leaps and bounds in the last 10 years ever since high end high rise condominiums started forming part of the skyline that is Kuala Lumpur today.

Shopping complexes, the likes of BSC, BV and BV2, and its international brands of outlets, clearly seals this place and created an image of elites for the many first class residential buildings that it is now.

A stroll in Jalan Telawi where the many shophouses now occupied by hip restaurants and lifestyle eating outlets including mamak stores, all beckon a sense of exclusiveness. Not forgetting one will get to see as many rare life-savings-income-valued cars, SUV’s, MPV’s and sports car all lined up along the streets with datuk’s and datin’s behind the wheel or on occasions the Ahmad’s and jockeys waiting patiently and loyally for their masters. You just can’t miss this feeling when you are there.

Perhaps this is where big businesses are sealed. Boy meet girl and fall in love and live happily ever after, ala Paris, the city of love. Designer’s clothes, designer’s food, designer’s footwear and anything that cost a month’s paycheck can be termed designer.

Bangsar, dear Bangsar, and it’s residents, with their pedigrees and puppies, felines and canines in toll, that make up the image that it is today:- a success story.

In Bangsar, the bigger the car you drive, the more respect you deserved. So says it on their face when they drive by you. Even the police will hesitate issuing them summons for offences but rather check your status before doing so.

Bangsar, a place where every streets is doubled parked, and I do mean every streets! It is the privilege of one not to walk the distance or patience to find an empty spot.

Bangsar, where the rules don’t applied to the elites when they drive an exotic car. Pedestrian must give way even if they are already on the zebra crossing and better not cross their path. Because they will not surrender to you kuci rats on foot.

Bangsar, shops owners who filled the walkway with their goods and wares so you don’t miss them, or the opportune of getting the maximum visual display to make their business and premises a success. Don’t matter if you are on wheelchairs or crutches, just make sure your driver park right at the shop doorsteps so you don’t need to walk the distance.

Bangsar, a success story with a price, nevertheless. And of course, all the international schooled children, overseas graduates, expatriates and wives and husbands with foreign tongues who made it in life with their refined cultured views of the world, to finally settled in this haven called Bangsar.