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Sunday, May 5, 2013

GE13 - the soluble indelible ink

i was one of the earliest to arrive at the polling center in sek keb pandan perdana. having heard so much of the indelible ink, i was ready to be proudly marked and stayed glorified for at least a week.

by the time i casted my vote, i was done by 8.25am. walking out and greeting friends in queues on my way out and having some light chats. was home by 8.45am and out of curiousity, washed my finger to see if the ink really do stayed on.

first attempt using hand lotion and to my surprise, most of it came off. decided to take a picture of the first wash. made another attempt but this time using stronger detergent (WIN dishwasher with lemon) and a rough sponge to run over it.

here's the result.

                        after first wash using hand lotion                       after second wash using stronger detergent

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  1. well, well,, y not go 4 another round of voting--thats the hole idea isnt it?? at least 4 the EC guys.